PMC and KOMO Celebrate Another Successful Year

PMC and KOMO Celebrate Another Successful Year

LAKEWOOD, NJ – April 16, 2018 – Mike Kolibas, President of PMC Machinery Group, Lakewood, New Jersey, consisting of Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) and Komo Machine Inc. (KOMO), hosted the annual employee meeting to review the successes of 2017 and highlight strategic plans for 2018. Both companies are subsidiaries of the well-known, multi-national corporation PMC Global Inc., Sun Valley, California. 

PMC manufactures equipment and accessories for use in the urethane industry. KOMO designs and manufactures an entire line of high quality precision computer numerically controlled (CNC) routers and machining centers. Both companies operate out of the expansive facilities in Lakewood, NJ and their products are manufactured in the USA.

Mr. Kolibas congratulated all of the PMC Group employees on another prosperous year. He emphasized the success was due to the employees’ hard work and dedication. Both Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) and Komo Machine Inc. (KOMO) experienced double digit sales growth while maintaining a strong bottom line. Both companies have worked diligently to introduce new streamlined products as well as gain significant market share in their respective industries. This success is due to partnering with key industry distributors, implementing effective upgrades in logistics and operations, strong marketing & advertising efforts, as well as the addition of new employee positions. In turn, brand awareness, customer service, delivery times and lead times have steadily improved.

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For 2018, Both companies will focus on maximizing distribution efforts for the domestic and international markets. This will be in addition to maintaining high levels of quality, expanding engineering, significant trade show and market presence and a continued dedication to customer support and technical service.

Mike Kolibas stated, “The tremendous success we achieved as a Group is carrying into 2018 and both Polyurethane Machinery Corp and KOMO Machine are off to another great start. We are eager to again provide our customers with the excellent products, service and support that is expected from KOMO and PMC.”

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