Overspray Removal Specialist Explains Technique for Removing SPF Overspray

Overspray Removal Specialist Explains Technique for Removing SPF Overspray

PASADENA, TX – November 7, 2013 – Despite contractors' best efforts to contain overspray during a SPF roofing or insulation application, overspray damage still happens. Since SPF cures and hardens quickly, removing it from a vehicle can be a daunting task. Jeff Suggs, operator of Paint Overspray Removal of Texas (PORT), spoke to SprayFoam.com about his effective method to remove SPF overspray, a method, he claims, that has left no margin for error for over 23 years.

Suggs pointed out that most overspray removal companies use clay bars to remove overspray from a vehicle. He says that the clay bar method is effective in some situations, but when it comes to heavy SPF overspray damage, Suggs finds that a common razor blade does the trick.

"The clay bar mils down paint overspray layer by layer, and it can work great when the SPF damage is minimal, but because SPF does not break down like most paints do, it is my experience that using a razor blade is the only way to get 100 percent of spray polyurethane foam overspray from a vehicle when the damage is severe," said Suggs.

Upon arriving at the site of the damaged vehicle, Suggs brings in a three-man crew to work on the vehicle. First, the vehicle is sectioned off, from the hood to the trim moldings, so the work is done while focusing on a certain area of the vehicle at a time, and then it is washed. Afterwards, the vehicle is waxed with Auto Magic BC-2 just before the overspray removal takes place. Suggs says that if he is using a brand new razor, he dulls the sharpness of the razor blade so that it will slide over the paint of the vehicle and not dig into it.

"I use the glass window on my personal vehicle to tune the edges off of the razor blade," said Suggs. "The trick of it is to dull the razor blade, yet to keep it sharp enough to remove the damage."

Then, the overspray is shaved off with the wax. The crew also applies dish washing liquid to keep the vehicle's paint lubricated. Suggs claims the process mimics the regular shaving process, with the wax and the soap and water acting as shaving cream.

"The reason I shave through wax with soap and water is because wax has a strength level that cuts down the friction of the process, yet the wax is very low on the abrasive scale," said Suggs. "The dish washing liquid acts as a degreaser, which also helps remove the overspray."

After the overspray has been removed, if the vehicle is severely damage, the PORT crew will reapply a coat of wax and polish it with a buffer to remove any marks or scuffing. Finally, a sealant is applied to the vehicle for extra strength.

Suggs said that he saves his clients a lot of money that would be otherwise wasted on body shop repair fees because he ensures that all overspray damage is repaired before a car is repainted.

"Body shops do not repair overspray damage, they paint over it," said Suggs. "I repair the damage in its entirety before the repainting takes place, even if it takes me a while."

Suggs noted that he answers just as many SPF overspray claims than other paint overspray damage incidents. He said that SPF has become increasingly popular for many a roof application because it's a material that is long-lasting and doesn't break down, which consequently makes it harder to get off than other substances.

Suggs takes pride in his overspray removal method and generally films videos of overspray removal projects and then posts them online, so that people can view how and why PORT guarantees a complete removal of any type of overspray, from paints to protective coatings.

"It is one thing to explain the proper way of doing something to someone, and another for that person to see it, whether it's online or a client that's next to me on the job."


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