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Spray Foam Magazine – Winter 2022 – Bob Gasca has been spraying foam since 1999. He is the founder of Gasca Construction and Spray Foam Insulation, a family-owned and operated business consisting of six employees.

Bob contracted his first roof in 1975 when he was only 14 years old. Prior to his start in spray foam, he had owned his own business for 25 years. He got into the spray foam industry, stating, “I was doing a home show and there was a guy watching me for three hours. When I had a break, I walked up, introduced myself and asked if I could help him. He said, ‘I know who you are, as I’ve been listening to you for several hours.’ Then he asks me if I have ever heard of spray foam insulation. I said no, and a week later, I was training in Shakopee, Minnesota!”

He takes every opportunity to learn along the way, “I learn every day, whether it is running my business better, managing staff better or improving client communications.” His sons have taken over the physical aspects of the business while Bob handles the business aspects. He said, “I’m still here and answering the phone!” One of his favorite parts of the job is simply meeting people and ensuring customer satisfaction, and his favorite piece of equipment is his rig.

Outside of the business, Bob has been affiliated with several chambers of commerce for the past 33 years and is very active in his community, including coaching youth wrestling for 10 years. “I try to carry out business so that if I see you in church on Sunday, we shake hands and we are happy to see each other.” In addition to his community, Bob is also committed to his friends. His favorite job was his first foam roof, which also happened to be for his good friend and his favorite restaurant.

If he could offer advice to his sons, it would be, “I tell them to, take advantage of every opportunity to learn and keep an eye out for people you can learn from. I really tell them to pay attention as I’ll be dead soon. I’m here right now, I didn’t have anybody to ask questions to, I had no one to answer to, mistakes you will make for sure - just don’t make the same one twice!” In respect to retiring Bob concluded by saying, “In 10 yrs. I hope to Still be driving on! I see no retirement for me. I love working.”

Spray foam changed Bob’s life, he said, “Spray foam has made my life easier. Physically, spray foam is a lot easier than roofing. Financially, spray foam insulation is more lucrative. As of late, the last five years or so, the camaraderie has grown tremendously. It sure makes life beautiful when you share it.”

Reflecting, is there anything Bob would have done differently? He reminisces “I would have kept up my involvement within the communities that we do business in. I would have grown that more. I would have certainly thought more and prepared more for my ultimate retirement and financial future.  

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By: Noelle Krevetski on Nov 30, 2022
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