Innovator Extraordinaire

Innovator Extraordinaire
SKEETER AIMONE – High Country Solutions
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SPRAY FOAM MAGAZINE – Franchising a company may help the owner focus on the bigger picture and grow a valuable business. The Spray Foam Magazine team was eager to speak to a man who has recently taken the plunge into franchising and asking him why it is the right move for him and his company.

Skeeter Aimone is the owner of High Country Solutions (HCS) of Mountain View, WY. HCS has a reputation for quality services, undertaking many large commercial and residential jobs in the Wyoming area. Due to his crews covering this vast terrain, logistics are essential to make sure things run smoothly. Skeeter’s knowledge of building science has helped his company deliver customized and efficient insulation packages for air sealed envelopes. Aimone, along with his right-hand man and manager, Brad Morrison, have made an innovative business move and decided to franchise the company.

How did this business decision materialize? After Aimone witnessed struggling startup companies, he knew the HCS business system would help them. These SPF startups were trying to do it all with little or no experience. They grappled with having the correct building science knowledge, marketing, managing employees, and the business in general.

Over the years, Aimone has built a system to do all the above easily and efficiently and with the buying power that a larger company has, he knew he could help support others. Thinking back to when HCS launched, Aimone says, “When I started my company, I wish I had an option to buy into a proven business with all the systems up front and have professionals to make sure of my success from day one. We can now provide our knowledge to our franchisees.”

The High Country Solutions system will offer training from A-Z, basically every nut and bolt of the spray foam business. We even have our own private internal software for training. “We will help from the initial startup, to when the franchisee will be able to put the company on cruise control and let the systems go to work for them, it’s all been planned out,” clarifies Aimone. After the franchise is established, the contractor can then expand its area or areas into a couple of single franchises or a master franchise. The franchise will primarily be granted for 10 years with the option to renew for 10 years, every 10 years.

Aimone and HCS will offer vendor support, tech support, take off and bidding systems, accounting support, legal guidance support, marketing support, building science knowledge, and everything the franchisee will need to make a successful and prosperous company. Additionally, Aimone feels it important to stay connected with the franchisee, so HCS will have quarterly meetings with all franchises to evaluate performance and answer any questions. If a franchisee runs into problems that cannot be resolved over the phone or over video, HCS will put a tech on their job site ASAP to resolve the issue.

Aimone hopes that with the correct toolbox, these HCS franchisees will in turn help the industry. They will do this by providing the contractor the correct knowledge, performance, and reliability they will have learned from the HCS system. Aimone’s main goal is to offer their franchise opportunity to people that are eager to learn the correct ways of the industry. This will result in the contractor taking their career to the next level and help them to become a profitable and successful company and build a great clientele.

By creating a network of trusted franchisees, Aimone will feel assured that their HCS business is supported by driven, empowered individuals who are zealous enough about the company to invest in and work hard to make it grow. A strong network of franchisees can also help create a dedicated community that builds a strong sense of brand loyalty.

High Country Solutions’ new custom rig built by Profoam

The franchise system will include HCS’s proven processes of a company that has learned through education and experience. With every aspect of the business, from customer relations to project management which will help ease the pressure for franchisees. This will permit them to concentrate on their business growth and equally as important, their client’s satisfaction.

Aimone is very passionate about this new venture and believes it will help the industry stating, “We are doing our part to systematize with many of our franchisees having access to regional development and local support. By adding the most powerful marketing strategy, combined with master franchising to support all our franchisees, we will in turn be helping the industry.”  

Aimone and High Country Solutions are helping to set SPF standards and provide knowledge for others. These great skills and business methods will now help people wanting to break into the industry. Congratulations to Skeeter Aimone from the Spray Foam Magazine team for being our Business Innovator of 2023. We wish you the best of luck with this exciting venture.

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