Icynene Introduces Low Exotherm Spray Foam Innovation

Icynene Introduces Low Exotherm Spray Foam Innovation
MISSISSAUGA, ON – JULY 6, 2017 – Ontario-based global spray foam insulation manufacturer, Icynene, today announced the launch of its latest high-performance closed-cell spray foam insulation product for the Canadian market – Icynene ProSeal LE. Icynene ProSeal LE offers the opportunity to achieve R-31 in minutes to help spray foam contractors save on labour costs.

A low exotherm innovation, an initial five inch pass of Icynene ProSeal LE can be sprayed in a combination two inch/two inch/one inch (2”/2”/1”) lifts to achieve R-31 in mere minutes versus hours. Icynene ProSeal LE features an initial LTTR 2.4 (m²·K)/W at 50mm (R14 at 2”) and an LTTR RSI of 2.02 (m²·K)/W (R6 at 1”) and performs as an air barrier with an air permeance of 0.0005 L/s.m² at 35 mm (1.37”).

“Icynene ProSeal LE is a game changing innovation from Icynene. This new product innovation allows sprayers to achieve R-31 in just minutes rather than hours. Our test trials have shown that there is up to 19% in labour cost savings,” said Bruce Young, Canadian Regional Sales Director for Icynene. 

“Our R&D team has worked to develop and introduce the next generation of high-performance closed-cell spray foam insulation products that go beyond in delivering performance, applicability and range. The introduction of Icynene ProSeal LE reinforces our position as the industry leader here in Canada as well as across the globe.”

Complementing its low exotherm and LTTR attributes, Icynene ProSeal LE product features include: 
  • Suitability for cold weather applications as low as -5oC
  • GREENGUARD Gold certification
  • Excellent adhesion to itself and to substrates

The CCMC Report for Icynene ProSeal LE, CCMC # 14064-L, can be downloaded from the CCMC website or from the Icynene website.


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Established in 1986, Icynene helps to build energy efficient residential and commercial structures in over 31 countries worldwide. Our portfolio of industry leading light density open cell and medium density closed cell SPF solutions are both insulation and air barrier materials for improved indoor air quality and reduced energy costs making Icynene the smart choice for builders, architects, building owners, and homeowners.

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