Flame Seal Products Reveals How to Expand Your Business Using Intumescent Thermal Barriers

Flame Seal Products Reveals How to Expand Your Business Using Intumescent Thermal Barriers

HOUSTON, TX – October 27, 2016 – Any business owner will tell you, you must grow or die. The success of a corporation hinges on its ability to offer unique and innovative solutions to the marketplace. Technical advances in spray foam, and code-compliant intumescent thermal barriers have drastically expanded the applications and opportunities for spray foam applicators. Drywall is no longer the only choice. There are now a wide variety of approved thermal barriers available. Thermal barriers represent a significant business opportunity for spray foam contractors. Product cost, equipment cost, time, and labor contribute to a business’ capability to maintain or increase profit margins. Approved intumescent coatings offer numerous benefits and unique aesthetic options to satisfy your project needs.


Approved thermal barriers fall into two main categories, with each approach offering certain advantages. The most common types of thermal barriers are cementitious products. These are fire-resistive, cement-based substances specifically formulated to protect foamed plastic insulation from a fire. Cementitious products have been around for a long time and for good reason. They do a fantastic job of protecting a wide variety of surfaces. However, they may not be perfectly suited to all jobs. For other projects, look no further than intumescent barriers. Intumescent thermal barriers are coatings that swell up when heated, thus protecting the material underneath or sealing a gap in the event of a fire. Intumescent thermal barriers are sprayed and look similar to a paint. Because of this, they allow for unique aesthetic possibilities over cementitious products. For example, Flame Seal TB-C or Flamebloc Foam Protect are available in five different colors. These color options allow the coating to remain uncovered, maintaining a pleasing architectural surface.

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