A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own
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SPRAY FOAM MAGAZINE – Baseball is a game and a tradition ingrained in the psyche and history of Americans. Passed down from the Civil War to today’s generation, it echoes several characteristics of American life from economics to technological developments. It is therefore important that the game and the practice of it is kept alive to help inspire and implant pride in future generations. Spray Foam Magazine was thrilled to hear of such a project in Martin, Tennessee. So, pulling up our socks and grabbing our bats, we spoke to one contractor who helped a baseball dream become a reality.

311 Spray Foam & Construction is a small, woman-owned, and family-run business operated by Alicia and Mitch Sheffield of Martin, Tennessee. Their business operations began in 2020, just before the pandemic hit, with spray foam operations commencing a year later. Alicia, along with her husband Mitch, and their faith, overcame obstacles to become the reputable business they are today. At first, they were in construction and remodeling, which helped grow their business, but unfortunately, they were unable to keep up with the construction work due to the lack of skilled laborers in their area. They decided to switch gears and focus on SPF.

The Sheffield’s now specialize in spray foam insulation. The industry has become a passion for the couple who take pride in their work and strive to meet the needs of every customer. This includes a recent project where they installed SPF to their friend’s hangar. Brad and Monica White, started their own baseball practice business, named Pitch Perfect, at the hangar based in Martin, Tennessee. It’s a 24-hr accessible practice facility focusing primarily on baseball and softball.

Prior to Pitch Perfect, the Whites ran their HVAC business out of the hangar which had previously been owned by Monica’s grandfather for his machine shop. Once the Whites moved their HVAC company out of the hangar, they gutted the building in preparation for this project to commence. “We saw a need in the community for kids to have something fun to do during the cooler months. It was also a way to get them to exercise and practice their sport. We love to be able to support the community and love being able to provide a fun and safe place for children. It’s also neat how the building is now back in the family” explained Monica White.

Arriving on site, 311 Spray Foam ran their JHPK H30 Proportioner and got their Graco Fusion PC Gun ready. Always taking safety seriously, they proceeded in putting on their full-face respirators, moonsuits, and Nitrile gloves. The crew of three included Mitch and lead sprayer Reese Frazier, with Alicia helping with the prep, including pressure washing and the eventual clean-up. 

Owner Alicia Sheffield gearing up before competing at this year’s spray competition at SprayFoam 2024 in Las Vegas

Reese has been with the company for almost two years and works alongside Mitch on many projects. Mitch and Alicia are so proud of how much he has learned and grown during his time with them saying, “Reese is a true blessing to us and our business.”

Two inches of Owens Corning Natural-Therm closed- cell foam was applied to 8,000 sq. ft. of the metal hangar

After power washing the entire hangar and letting it dry, the crew applied two inches of Owens Corning Natural-Therm closed-cell foam to 8,000 sq. ft. of the metal hangar. The foam was applied to both the hangars interior dome-shaped section and to the 4,000 sq. ft. roof of an addition coming off one side of the hangar. It took the crew eight days to complete the project from start to finish. Knowing the material would stay exposed, Reese and Mitch paid extra attention to details to make sure the look of the foam was just as good as the quality. Although the shape of the hangar presented a new obstacle for the guys, working with Natural-Therm helped achieve the performance the customer needed and the smooth surface for the appearance of the building.  

This job was very special to 311 Spray Foam as it is the first hangar they have insulated, and because the business belongs to their friends. They also love the fact that the facility is for their community. The Whites are extremely happy that their converted hangar has SPF installed saying, “We needed spray foam because we wanted to provide the best insulation possible for a building like this and keep the current look. We chose 311 Spray Foam & Construction because they are good friends who are good at what they do and we wanted to support their business. We all have goals to support and love our local community!”

When they are not busy with work, or active with mission trips, Alicia and Mitch enjoy fishing, and as a family they like to travel every chance they get. They work hard, play hard, and always live by their faith and what they see as already planned for them. Alicia states, “As a wife, mom, and business owner, I know I must put Christ first and allow him to lead me. I wish I could say that makes everything easy, but it simply makes it possible. I think as a woman I pay more attention to detail in the day-to-day operations of the business and can keep things organized to run as efficiently as possible. In running this specific type of business, I hope to encourage other women to step out of their comfort zone of what society says is normal for them to do.”  

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