SWD Urethane Announces Quik-Shield 118

SWD Urethane Announces Quik-Shield 118

MESA, AZ – September 6, 2017 – SWD Urethane is launching their brand-new Quik-Shield 118 Ultra-Efficient closed-cell spray foam insulation. This industry-leading foam technology features Ultra-Lift, Unbreakable Performance, and Long-Range Application, and it can reduce install times for Spray Foam Contractors by up to 50%. It is the perfect product for insulating both residential and commercial construction projects.

  • Ultra-Lift Technology: Foam applicators can spray an 8” lift all at once—no more wasted time waiting for the foam to cool down so they can spray another lift. Slash foam install speeds by 50% or more with this industry-leading one-lift application product!
  • Unbreakable Performance: Quik-Shield 118 has a robust formulation that keeps making great foam, even when sprayers run into unforeseen complications. It’s the most robust formulation out there in the marketplace, and that means spray foam applicators can spend less time worrying about finicky equipment, changing jobsite conditions, and adjusting equipment settings all day long. It’s the number one product to train newer sprayers, who may not recognize jobsite conditions that can lead to application challenges.
  • Long-Range Application: SWD has done it again and brought the long-range technology of Quik-Shield 108 to the closed-cell world. Now, foam can be applied foam to a roof deck from 20 feet away, without foam dripping or falling out of the cavity. This jaw-dropping performance will decrease the time-consuming process of setting up ladders and scaffolds, and it will transform the way a spray foam applicator stages and complete all closed-cell applications.

                Quik-Shield 118 can be applied to a roof deck from 20 feet away, without foam dripping or falling off

“Quik-Shield 118 is unlike any closed-cell foam out there,” quoted Jim Perkins, President of SWD Urethane. “Quik-Shield 118 is going to revolutionize the closed-cell market because it is engineered to maximize the four most important factors on a jobsite: Yield, Efficiency, Safety, and Quality, or ‘YES-Q’ for short. These four factors combine to reduce material, labor, and overhead costs and deliver the lowest cost installed.”

SWD Urethane leads the SPF industry with innovation and breakthrough technology. With unique product features like ultra-low density, ultra-efficient application, and long-range application, we deliver the lowest cost installed to our contractors. Additionally, we offer unparalleled support programs that provide exceptional value to our customers. SWD has been in business since 1972, and they are one of the fastest-growing spray foam suppliers in the industry. SWD president, Jim Perkins, is also the chairman of the Spray Foam Coalition, a key trade organization for spray foam suppliers.

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