SES Polyurethane Systems and Greenfiber Offer New Approach to Home Insulation

SES Polyurethane Systems and Greenfiber Offer New Approach to Home Insulation

(1) To participate in the Custom Comfort Solutions Program, the home must be built to an energy rating of 60 or below on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index. When the program requirements are met, the home will be 40% more energy efficient as compared to a 2006 International Energy Conservation Code compliant home with a HERS Index score of 100. The builder must ensure compliance with applicable building codes and manufacturer requirements. When building in an area with no building code in effect, the builder must comply with the requirements of the current IECC for all items not addressed in the Custom Comfort Solutions Program.

(2) The guarantee is for projected energy use, not dollars. The guarantee applies only to energy used for heating and cooling. The guaranteed usage is calculated by a software program that considers typical energy consumption for heating and cooling in a similar home configuration and will be determined when each home is delivered. The guaranteed usage assumes the home is kept at a temperature no greater than 72 degrees in the winter and no less than 75 degrees in the summer. Actual usage will be calculated by deducting the base load from the total energy usage over a 12-month period, excluding the first month of occupancy. Base load is the average of the three months with the lowest energy usage in the past 12-month period. Any difference in energy use will be paid at resident's current utility rates at the time of the claim based upon actual energy usage over the 12-month period. CCS agent will evaluate the cause of the comfort issue and provide material to repair any defects, CCS Authorized Contractor is responsible to install any material. Guaranteed +/-3% from the center point of the room.

(3) Greenfiber® offers a full breadth of fire assemblies. Based on U305 assembly.

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