Revolution Machinery Reveals Key Factors Affecting Proportioner Performance

Revolution Machinery Reveals Key Factors Affecting Proportioner Performance

BUFFALO, NY – October 12, 2015 – Proportioning machines are the beating heart of spray foam applications. Knowing this, spray foam contractors should want the best possible machine to operate in the field. Obviously, no two machines are exactly alike, and this contributes directly to the functionality and performance of the machine in the field.

”In theory, it’s not the equipment that is really any different, it is the philosophy in the design that sets it apart,” said Tim Nick of Revolution Machinery. ”At the end of the day, you need pressure and heat to make a good product with proper physical properties. The other deciding factor, and maybe the most important one prior to purchasing equipment, is how easy that machine will be to service while it’s out in the field.”

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So, what are some aspects that affect the performance of a proportioner that SPF contractors should not overlook? In this Editorial Spotlight, we will discuss what some of these crucial components are.

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