Johns Manville Provides High-Quality Products For Any Customer's Needs

Johns Manville Provides High-Quality Products For Any Customer's Needs

DENVER, CO – October 10, 2017 – Johns Manville strives to provide the highest quality products that can be matched to any project or customer needs. Johns Manville’s complete line of high-yield spray foam insulation solutions provide superior thermal and energy efficiency performance, as well as advanced air, moisture, and sound control in any climate. Our spray foam products are designed to work well in hard-to-reach places, eliminate any gaps or voids, and can even exceed traditional insulation performance.

We understand that achieving optimal energy efficiency and creating a well-insulated and sealed building envelope relies on a quality installation and good design. That’s why we launched JM TechConnect, a 24/7 resource dedicated to providing customers with access to comprehensive insulation knowledge and installation advice.

Dedicated resources are available online, via phone, and in-person to help guide customers through insulation installations, troubleshoot equipment and rigs on the spot and offer tips, as well as  guidance and primary practices. In addition to providing support in both English and Spanish, we offer complimentary on-site JM certification for potential new customers.

Johns Manville Spray Polyurethane Foam

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Johns Manville is committed to delivering high-quality customer service and exceptional performance to customers, which is why we continue to improve and optimize our complete line of spray foam insulation products. The complete line of spray foam insulation products includes:

JM Corbond III® is a proven high-yield closed-cell spray foam, providing superior thermal and moisture performance, and dimensional stability. Designed for commercial, residential, and industrial applications, its exceptional sprayability and adhesion make it an ideal choice for high-performing energy efficient buildings. JM Corbond III also provides increased structural racking strength and may be applied with multiple immediate passes up to five inches with no wait time between passes.

JM Corbond MCS® is a multi-climate, closed-cell spray foam that provides superior thermal, air, and moisture isolation at a maximum lift thickness of two inches per pass. It acts as a barrier to keep the indoors from the outside climate. It will not shrink or settle, allowing its incredible thermal and acoustical performance to last the life of a structure.

JM Corbond Open-cell Spray Foam expands 120 times its initial volume to seal all voids, gaps, and crevices to virtually eliminate any air leakage. Recommended for walls, floors, and both unvented and vented attics and ceilings, this lower density, nonstructural SPF insulation delivers incredible yield at an excellent value while still providing important air isolation, R-value, and acoustical performance. This foam meets the requirements for application without an ignition barrier when installed with a downward opening hatch per CCRR-1079 from Intertek , which means it can be installed more cost effectively than ever before.

JM Corbond® Open-cell Appendix X Spray Foam is a low-density, non-structural insulation system designed for interior commercial, residential, and industrial applications. It offers most of the thermal performance and installation benefits of closed-cell spray foam at a lower cost for customers. JM Corbond ocx SPF meets requirements for application without an ignition barrier in attics and crawl spaces when installed per UES ER-372. This reduces the number of passes required and say contractors time and money on every job.

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