No Burn – Plus ThB

No Burn – Plus ThB

Spray on Thermal Barrier, Fire Resistant Paint

Thermal barrier base white fire-resistant paint 

for spray polyurethane foam insulation.

No-Burn Plus ThB is an intumescent fire protective coating for interior and unconditioned spaces, where spray polyurethane foam insulation is installed. Used as a component in an alternative thermal barrier, an alternative ignition barrier, and/or an exterior fire rated wall assembly, No-Burn Plus ThB passively protects the spray foam insulation in the event of a fire by delaying the rise in temperature, which in turn delays or prevents the spray foam from igniting.

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Name: Lindsay Lenze

Phone No: (800) 989-8577

Added On: May 20, 2021
Tags: No-Burn, thermal barrier, fire resistant
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