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Posted: Nov 13, 2015 08:21 PM
Calculating Yield in SPF Applications
Mason, I recently read your article on this topic from your website, but I was curious as to how stroke counts relate to cycle counts.

You mention it takes 1838 strokes to empty 1000lbs (which I'm assuming is 100 gallons), of material w an E-30 and 100 chamber. First question: how many (graco e-30 elite) 'cycles' equate to what you call a 'stroke'. Also, wouldn't it be easier to measure usage via checking the gallons with a dipstick as opposed to weighing the entire drum before and after?

In your opinion (open to everyone), what the best / most efficient way to track material usage and ensure we are getting proper yield out of our machine, sprayer, and material?

Posted: Nov 13, 2015 08:30 PM
I like using the stroke counter because the cylinder on your proportioner delivers a specific quantify of material for each stroke (each stroke is back and forth or up and down depending on your type of unit)
If you know how much material is delivered each stroke then you know precisely how much material is used just by counting the strokes and multiply by the quantity delivered each stroke.

I used the figures that Graco report in their manual on how many strokes it takes to empty a 1000 lb kit of material.
Posted: Nov 13, 2015 08:31 PM
A stroke might be figured differently on other proportioners, but the principle is the same. Know the volume per stroke, multiply by how many strokes and you have the precise amount of material used.

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