• A Coffee With Carla

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on Feb 27, 2024

    Carla Airey Colinares has a reputation for being a mentor, cheerleader, and inspiration for many in the SPF industry. The Spray Foam Magazine team sat down with Carla and over a cup of coffee, discussed the importance of building a stronger community, listening to others, and how she is supporting women who pursue a career in the spray foam industry. read more

  • Spraying Success

    • By Ashley Brooks
    • Added on Jan 16, 2024

    Jennifer Hristovski is the Marketing Director and partner at SprayWorks Equipment in Brimsfield Ohio, and the author of the children’s book My Dad is a Foamer, published in October 2023.* To write the book, she drew inspiration from her own childhood as the daughter of a spray foam professional. read more

  • Build It Tight

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Team
    • Added on Nov 30, 2023

    The Blower Door Test, often referred to as a pressure test, defines the air tightness of the building and helps detect any air leakage in the building’s envelope. This test has been around for decades but why has it become predominant in recent times? Let's find out! read more

  • Heat Shields and Beyond

    • By Danielle Macdonald
    • Added on Sep 27, 2023

    Technicians at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, have applied spray foam as part of the thermal protection system to the Artemis III Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter (LVSA) for NASA’s Space Launch System rocket.. The SPF insulation is flexible enough to move with the rocket, but rigid enough to handle the extreme pressures and temperatures as SLS accelerates from zero to 17,400 mph and soars to more than 100 miles above Earth in just eight minutes. Spray Foam Magazine spok read more

  • Proven Practices to Prevent Wind Damage

    • By Robb Smith, RGS CONSULTING
    • Added on Jul 30, 2023

    The first time witnessing the power of wind, is an eye-opening experience for most in the roofing world. I would estimate that 95 percent or more of all people in the roofing industry have never seen a roof system severely wind damaged, let alone one blown-off by a hurricane. read more

  • Roofing Lifespans Unveiled

    • By Mason Knowles, Mason Knowles Consulting & Will Lorenz, General Coatings Manufacturing Corp.
    • Added on Jul 30, 2023

    The last 30 years have brought amazing advances in commercial roof technology. New products, processes, maintenance schedules, protective coatings, and more should have roofs lasting longer than ever before. However, while warranties have indeed increased from 5 years to 10 years to 15 to 20 and even 30 years, commercial roofs are replaced, on average, every 10 to 15 years. This is the same lifespan as 20 to 30 years ago. read more

  • Last One’s Standing

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Team
    • Added on Jul 30, 2023

    As Hurricane Ian’s threatening force geared up to be a direct hit on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis said, “Pray for people,” adding that Ian was of “historic” proportions. Floridians prepared as best they could for a storm that was so colossal, the entire state faced warnings about its possible effects. At just past 3 PM on Wednesday, September 28, 2002, Ian slammed into the Southern Gulf Coast as a Category 4 storm, killing 149 people. read more

  • If You Build It, They Will Come

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Team
    • Added on Jun 01, 2023

    MCC is one of North America’s leading polyurea and spray foam distributors, specializing in nationally known products, knowledgeable service, high-quality equipment sales, and customized, turn-key rigs for professional contractors. read more

  • Expanding into SPF

    • By Spray Foam Staff
    • Added on Mar 31, 2023

    BAHA Construction, Inc. of Pueblo, Colorado, started as a commercial construction company specializing in both commercial and residential buildings. Two years ago, they decided to add spray foam insulation to their repertoire and through hard work and perseverance, they recently added a third spray foam rig to their fleet. There is no stopping this aspiring company, who has created a demand in their local area. With their growth so impressive, they are now offering interstate spray foam work. read more

  • High Performance with a New Look

    • By James Shevlino
    • Added on Feb 01, 2023

    Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) recently released two innovative machines, the PK-25 and the Premier machine. Both newly engineered machines are exciting news for contractors as they have the potential to make applications increasingly efficient and functional. PMC also introduces its exciting new branding – with a newly designed logo and a sleeker powder coated finish, which incorporates a new black and red color scheme. read more

  • Secrets of Success

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on Sep 29, 2022

    Elastochem has been making, distributing, and selling quality products to its Canadian customer base since 1987. A family-owned business and a respected manufacturer, it is based out of Brantford, Ontario, Canada. read more

  • A River's Source

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on Aug 01, 2022

    Red River Logistics is a non-asset based full-service logistics TEAM that provides cost-effective truckload, LTL, intermodal, expedited, ocean, air, and warehouse services with a renowned customer care reputation and an emphasis on long-term partnerships. Founded in January 2013, Red River quickly grew from two employees to their current team of 27, plus two agent offices. read more