• Eco Hopes as Luxury Floats

    • By Danielle Macdonald
    • Added on Mar 30, 2022

    The Eco-Floating Hotel is an impressive project whose first leg is planned to take place in Qatar. However, due to the hotel’s characteristic mobile features, the possibilities for it to be located anywhere are endless. read more

  • An Airbnb Blooms with Spray Foam

    • By Noelle Krevetski
    • Added on Feb 01, 2022

    In the early 1970s, two friends in Austin, Texas, decided to try something risky. Dalton Bloom wished to create an extraordinary place that would last forever, and Charles Harker wanted to create something one-of-a-kind. They collaborated to design the Bloomhouse, which could quite easily be the world’s most unusual home. read more

  • Sound & Space

    • By Jeffrey Job
    • Added on Sep 27, 2021

    Acoustics are an important consideration when designing any kind of space. However, they are even more important to keep in mind for certain types of projects, such as healthcare facilities, multi-family homes, and schools. Spaces designed for music and other types of performance will have specific acoustic requirements. With increasing numbers of people working from home, home offices also require more consideration. read more

  • A Modern Space

    • By Danielle Macdonald
    • Added on Jan 27, 2021

    How spray foam insulation helped a modern structure with thermal control and safety read more

  • A 3D Cabin in the Woods

    • By Danielle Macdonald
    • Added on Jan 27, 2021

    How a group of architects responded to a natural crisis by combining modern technology and energy efficient solutions read more

  • The Snail House

    • By Danielle Macdonald
    • Added on Jan 27, 2021

    Helping abolish condensation issues in a 1970s dome home with spray foam insulation read more

  • Building Life on Mars

    • By Öznur Pinar Çer, MASK Architects
    • Added on Sep 27, 2019

    Architect envisions a concept in which a spray foam habitat on Mars is built by semi-autonomous drones read more