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Mark Maresca
Posted: Dec 21, 2006 06:35 PM
roof leaks
I have a flat roof with a polyurethane coating. When it rains, I have a water leak that comes out of my home thermostat. It has a been a headache to find out where the leak is coming from but I suspect it is under the AC unit where a puddle of water sits. Can I use the Spray foam to prevent this from happening?
Anyresponse would be grateful.
Posted: Dec 21, 2006 06:49 PM
water coming out of the thermostat? pretty wild event to have happen in your house or business.
90% of roof mounted a/c units sit there by gravity.(not bolted down)
you can easily move it over enough to build up 1-2" of foam. Then you will need protective u.v. coating on top of the fresh foam. Just be careful of the copper lines.
be sure you have 2.4,2.7 or 3.0lb.
roofing foam.(thicker & toughter)
Ryan Rhoads
Posted: Dec 29, 2006 08:56 PM
sometimes they run the wiring for A/C units in conduit. If this is the case then that is more than likely why it is coming out of the thermastat. First check that they utilized compresion connector above the roof and that it is properly flashed. If it is not properly flashed than take a good cualking or a can of foam and go around the penetration, then coat the foam. If you have a foam machine and want to fire it up just for that then go for it. The next thing is to make sure that if the conduit terminates into an electrical box that is exposed that the foam or rubber gasket is in good shape. If it goes directly into the bottom of a swamp cooler than make sure water is not entering it. Also you can spray some canned foam inside the electrical conduit. The wires are not in some sort of conduit than they need to be. I would guess that the water is entering some type of conduit though to be running out of your thermostat rather than just making a wet spot on your ceiling.

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