IntelliSpray System - Carlisle Fluid Technologies

IntelliSpray System - Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Whether you are a sole operator, have a small crew, or multiple rigs running daily, our IntelliSpray spray foam solution maximizes your most important asset—your reputation. IntelliSpray reduces the risk of off-ratio jobs, improves the consistency of your installation, and allows you to get jobs done in less time with less material.

We realized that to address your most important needs, we had to totally re-imagine spray foam equipment. Armed with our extensive knowledge of the material and application, our team leveraged proven technology and the latest innovations in automation to reinvent spray foam application.

The result is IntelliSpray, a truly next-generation spray foam solution.

  1. True Ratio Control that reduces risk and protects your reputation
  2. Higher performance equipment to cut labor and material costs
  3. Smarter, more durable rig that maximizes spray time
  4. Intuitive design, built for spray operators to reduce reliance on experts

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Added On: Apr 14, 2021

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