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Posted: Jan 23, 2007 05:32 PM
Polyurea hardcoating on SPF
Hey guys - great forum you have here. We are a system house down in New Zealand where we supply nearly all of the spray foam into the local market. Some of our applicators have big problems with pin holes and blisters after spraying polyurea and hybrids onto our spray foam. The blisters sometimes take several months to develop. Any recommendations for a process to minimise these problems??

Gerry Wagoner
Posted: Jan 23, 2007 09:36 PM

1) Try Polyurea.com (sister site to this one).
2) Pinholes can be a result of foam overspray on foam. That will cause a hybrid to pinhole. Sometimes the foam feather edges will pinhole as well. If the pinholes are a small localized area, spray a pass of polyurea, slap a piece of ductape over the holes while it is warm. Then spray another pass of poly over the tape. Perfect and seamless. The tape almost becomes a a part of the poly. If the pinholes are over a large area, you may have to coat with single component or acrylic.
3) Blisters... On hybrid or true poly? Hmm.. I gots to think about this.


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