• Building Breathable Safety

    • By Brought to you by Bullard
    • Added on Nov 30, 2023

    Health and safety must be a priority in the spray foam applicators workplace. As with many aspects of the construction industry, there are risks and hazards on building sites, so risk assessments and safety precautions are vital to help keep workers safe. Companies should view health and safety at the core of their training and processes, with spray foam contractors having training and safe work practices put into action to prevent exposure before, during, and after an installation. read more

  • Safety First

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Team
    • Added on Jun 01, 2023

    There are so many aspects to consider when building or redesigning a spray foam rig; the process can be overwhelming. The equipment, machines, spray guns, hoses and transfer pumps are all to be considered in the design. However, there is one crucial factor that is sometimes overlooked in the excitement of setting up a rig, and that is the requirements for proper safety equipment. read more

  • The Mask Task

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on Nov 30, 2022

    Ask any experienced spray foam applicator about respiratory safety and they will preach that having the correct protection is vital to help guard against hazards such as isocyanates. The Spray Foam Magazine Team (SFMT) spoke with Precision Foam, LLC based in Midland, Texas to ask them why they believed switching from a cartridge full mask to a supplied air respiratory system was not only crucial for safety but made great business sense too. read more

  • Heads UP

    • By Bullard
    • Added on May 25, 2021

    Head injuries can result in traumatic brain injuries, occasionally resulting in death. Not a great opening line but unfortunately this is a serious threat for anyone either working at heights, close quarters, or where a worker’s hard hat has fallen off their head. Bullard recognized these hazards and responded by designing a new low-riding helmet that would stay on a user’s head even if they were to trip or fall. read more