Builders and Architects today are faced with a multitude of challenges in designing a strong, reliable partition wall that will:

1. Deliver excellent value at a reasonable installed cost

2. Meet the two-hour fire-rated load-bearing wall requirements

3. Provide sustainable sound attenuation for the life of the building

4. Air seal to solve blower door issues

The W-WALL™ SYSTEM provides everything needed to ensure a solid and tightly sealed partition wall with the highest quality products and accessories, custom design assistance and engineering support, and approved installer network. One complete system designed to enhance the construction of your builder project with savings of up to three days in cycle time for town homes and even more for multifamily or condo projects.

The HBS W-WALL SYSTEM includes our most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly open-cell spray foam products. This assembly can save time on-site and delete costs by reducing the amount of materials needed in the assembly like shaftliner panels, fiberglass insulation and the caulk and seal package. Open-cell spray foam products do not settle over time, which guarantees fire, acoustic and air sealing performance for the lifetime of the building. All of this makes the HBS W-WALL SYSTEM an ideal choice for forward- thinking builders and architects seeking outstanding performance from an environmentally friendly product system.

Added On: Jan 26, 2024
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