Tough Bags Insulation Removal Bags

Tough Bags Insulation Removal Bags
Insulation Vacuum Removal Bags - Insulation removal bags made by insulation removal pros

Tough Bags Collar: ToughBags have revolutionized insulation removal with our manageable, stackable, and stronger design. The ToughBags +Collar boasts the same rip-free strength and size as our multipurpose removal bag, but with the addition of a 10" diameter collar . This collar makes it effortless to connect to any insulation removal machine or exit hose and helps the bag fill from the bottom up.

Tough Bags Dust Guard Pro: Introducing ToughBags Dust Guard Pro Black Bags, the enhanced solution for insulation removal that outperforms traditional standard bags. Crafted with a robust 3.5oz non-woven spun bound material, ToughBags Dust Guard Pro Black Bags are engineered to withstand greater wear and tear.

Tough Bags Multipurpose: ToughBags insulation removal bags are engineered for easy loading and transportation and come with an ironclad guarantee not to rip open. But that's not all—our multipurpose removal bags go beyond vacuum use. They can securely attach to the backside of attic staircases, serving as both batted insulation and debris removal solutions while ensuring uninterrupted ladder access.

Tough Bags Gloves: 12-Pair Tough Bags Nitrile Work Gloves. 13 Gauge nylon core nitrile dipped abrasion resistant work gloves.
Added On: Jun 17, 2024

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