BOSS E-RS14 Electric Rotary Screw Compressor

BOSS E-RS14 Electric Rotary Screw Compressor

E-RS14 Electric Rotary Screw Compressor from BOSS Industries has a built in heat exchanger and is the perfect solution when requiring lower volumes of continuous air. The E-RS14 compressor is a great fit for the new models of proportioners coming onto the market with associated electric transfer pumps and only requiring gun air.

The E-RS14 is quiet and lightweight allowing for installation into almost any environment. At 65 db(A) and 100lbs., it is nearly silent and requires a very small footprint. The compressor is offered in 230V single and 3 phase configurations requiring minimal amperage. The E-RS14 is helping pave the way to designing and building smaller and more efficient spray rigs.


• Quiet

• Lightweight

• Compact Design

• 10 or 14 CFM @ 145PSI

• 230V Single and 3 Phase

• 100% Duty Cycle

• Integrated Heat Exchanger