PMC Xtreme Air-Purge Spray and Pour Gun

PMC Xtreme Air-Purge Spray and Pour Gun

PMC Xtreme Air-Purge Spray and Pour Gun has been further refined for ergonomic use by way of its newly redesigned handle. 

Featuring a padded rest that also acts as a latching point for an optional strap (included with every gun), and a new hand-contouring grip, the handle lends itself to better mobility and an easier, more comfortable grip, which ultimately allows for longer use. The strap, as well as being removable, can also be switched to the other side of the gun, making left-handed use easy and accessible.

The Xtreme spray gun’s robust design was built to last in real world application settings. Parts are durable, and can stand up to the demand of modern plural component chemical systems, and PMC’s Diamond Plated Mix Chambers are no exception: end-users report as many as 60+ sets of material put through the same mixing chamber, with little or no maintenance aside, including the same set of Engineered Resin Side Seals. These side seals are made of a material which was engineered and explicitly incorporated for the high-pressure chemical impingement demanded by spray foam and coating applications.

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Added On: Jan 26, 2024
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