Impact 1040T Texture Sprayer – Titan

Impact 1040T Texture Sprayer – Titan

One of the most important things any business can do is identify additional revenue streams, and that’s now easier than ever for Spray Foam contractors with the Impact® 1040T Texture Sprayer from Titan.

On the job site your efficiency and profit can take a hit when you need to bid out the application of fireproof or intumescent coatings. These materials are time and cost-prohibitive to roll or brush which means you need a spray application. With foam and fire protection job prep being the same it makes more sense than ever to take control of this area of your business with the 1040T and gain the ability to spray a wide variety of water-based materials from various manufacturers including coatings like: Fire Barrier, Ignition Barrier, Thermal Barrier, and Fire Retardant.

Featuring direct suction for 5-gallon pails and bundled with Titan’s RX-Apex™ non- filtered spray gun, 3/8”x50’ material hose, and supporting Spray Tips up to 0.033” you’ll enjoy easy application of higher volume coatings with a simple to operate machine as well as basic soap and water cleanup at the end of the day.

The Impact 1040T also includes Splatter Nozzle for the RX-Apex Gun which gives you the option of even more additional income streams with the ability to spray multiple effects such as Splatter, Knockdown, and Texture.

Perfect for contractors looking for a durable and dependable sprayer the 1040T from Titan helps you and your team keep project dollars where they belong, with your company.

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