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The fact is, you can’t be an expert about everything (although we all know people who haven’t received that memo). At Elm Energy Group, we’ve encountered thousands of performance-related problems in almost every type of dwelling and structure. Whether it’s a brand-new home or building or an already existing property, we combine our experience, knowledge of building science, and cutting edge technologies to increase a home or building’s performance.

Architects and Building Performance

In today’s rapidly changing building environment, just providing a set of plans is no longer enough. Today, energy codes and increasing customer demands are beginning to challenge conventional ways of building, paving the way for performance based homes. Green building and energy efficient home design isn't just about low VOC paints or energy efficient windows. It's about taking an integrated approach before the contractor swings the first hammer. That's where we come in. We can help clarify and pin-point myths, perceptions, whether positive or negative, and help deliver solutions for your customers that provide lasting value.


At Elm Energy Group we see the building industry through the eyes of building performance specialists but we also have experience in lending, real estate,and in general contracting. This gives us the unique ability to understand the challenges of the industry and take a needs based approach to help you improve your product’s marketability while reducing your overhead costs. Sounds bold? We think so too. But don't just take our word for it, let us put you in touch with our clients to hear their feedback from our evaluation and consulting. Here are some of the services we offer.

Realtors and Lenders

Have you maximized your marketability to today’s home buyers? More and more today’s home buyers are coming to recognize the value of a high performance and efficient home. A better performing home has an advantage in a deeply competitive market with an evermore more knowledgeable consumer. A better performing home also has less durability issues and can lower a mortgage holders electricity bill helping homeowners better afford mortgage payments.

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