Lead Details

Submitted On Aug 29, 2023
Job Type Insulation
Construction Type Commercial
Square Feet 1080
State Ontario
City Smithville
Comments No not give out email and don't send me anything other then a quote. Looking for a CHEAP solution to insulate a pole barn to stop water and heat loss. ODSP low income hobby shop that I putter around in and looking for the cheapest way to do the job. Doesn't have to be pretty just has to work. Wall will be pre-framed with metal exterior covering and 2x4 studs set 2-3 inches off exterior covering to be flush with interior posts and covered with 3/8 sheathing after spraying. 3 walls to be done to 12 foot height ceiling. Looking for an R value of around R5 or couple inches thick. Its more about stopping air movement then insulation value.
Credit 50
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