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James Mills
Posted: Jan 07, 2014 05:02 PM
Spray foam and critters
Is it common for mice, squirrels, rats, birds or other critters or insects to burrow into spray foam?
Are there additive deter ants that are successful to keep them away?
If so, how long would those additive be good for?
Anthony Scarpelli
Posted: Jan 11, 2014 05:16 PM
I live in the country so bugs are an issue so are mice.

Mice: We put a very small gauge chicken wire type stuff. It cuts easy with tin snips from harbor freight. We cut it just above 14" sections by 8" thick and bend it 90degrees at about 2" to be nailed to the floor between the studs snugly and going up the wall about 6". you can use a mallet to hammer it back to the outside sheathing snugly.

You will end up with the first 6" along the the walls from the baseboard up 6". It will all be invisible after we sprayed foam in the walls. This is where mice try to burrow into the dry/warm. This is time consuming more than expensive so get your client to do it himself before you show up.

Bugs - Boracidic acid ( brand name-roach proof) costs about $4 a quart or so. not harmful to people or pets unless you use it to salt your food... it is relatively benign. Just sprinkle it along the baseboards before and again after you spray the foam. It will stop anything that crawls bug wise. If they attempt to burrow through it they take enough back to kill the nest/queen. If they eat it, it kills them but more likely they get it on their legs and take it back to the nest. Bugs clean themselves and ingest it at the nest which makes they queen infertile. No queen, no nest, no bugs and the problem is solved.

Squirrels come in from the roof so you have to imagine how they would try to come in and put the chicken wire there. A rat will nau through chicken wire if it has to but I do not think squirrels will.
Posted: Jan 11, 2014 07:13 PM
We supply the New England market with sprayfoam,and there isn't really a big termite problem to begin with. As far as rodents are concerned, they will chew through 1/2" plywood if they want to get into your home. But you have to ask yourself why they want to come in? Think about it, if a mouse is running around the perimeter of your home, why does he want to get inside? It either smells some food, or senses some heat. If you use sprayfoam insulation, there is less heat loss than fibrous insulations so the mouse doesn't feel the warmth from your home. If you use sprayfoam, it is an air barrier, so the mouse can not smell food that is inside your home. It is not smart enough to know that your home would make a wonderful home for it all on it's own. AKfoam, do you really get customers to pay you to install chicken wire and spray over it? I had a customer in NY city that had asked about that as they were concerned with a rat problem. I don't see why it wouldn't work. I was checking out your website to see if there were some pictures but there weren't any. I noticed on your homepage it states, "Spray polyurethane foam, SPF as it is called has an insulation R value per inch as high and R10". What brand of foam is this? The highest that I have seen is BaySeal at 6.9.

Tony Cantrell
Posted: Jun 24, 2017 07:58 AM
Mice, squirrels, rats, birds, fleas or other critters or insects can occur to your home through cracks and crawl spaces if there are no barriers to prevent them from getting in. Consulting with the pest control experts like pest control Brooklyn NY(http://www.positivepest.net/), Bed Bug Removal NYC, will help you to get rid of the attic pest.

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