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James Mills
Posted: Jan 07, 2014 04:55 PM
Spray foam and carpenter ants?
I have read that carpenter ants like tunneling through foam insulation. I don't know for sure whether the articles meant the white, blue or pink foam or all three types?
I am guessing that they would not actually nest in the foam, but just pass through to get to warm and or moist wood?
Do carpenter ants get into spray foam insulation?
Are there any additives for spray foam to deter insect damage?
Anthony Scarpelli
Posted: Jan 11, 2014 05:35 PM
anything that crawls will go for this.

Home made bug bait traps. Kills the nest. Even works with termites. Cost less than $7 for a quart of Roach proof and tube of tooth paste.

Buy Roach proof which is borasitic acid a natural type of salt which makes all crawl bugs infertile.

Mix it with tooth past to make a nice paste which can be spread anywhere you want to put it. Put it near moisture and water sources as that is what all bugs are coming for.

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