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Wayne Evanson
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 07:24 AM
help help
It's me again.
Very new to the industry, bought a turnkey rig as yet haven't earned a dime with it, $40,000 sitting around gathering dust, anyway, now i am learning that soy based foam is not the hot setup for roofs. does any one have any experience good or bad with soy based roofing.If I was to have to switch over to another product, how would i get the soy based stuff out of the machine without damage.i guess i need to know what kind of solvents,thanks wayne
Luke Kujacznski
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 10:15 AM
Melvin Chandler
Posted: Nov 26, 2006 10:15 PM
I'm a Newby to the biz but I've had to switch over with several products already. Started with BPFE 2# wall foam. Went to Dem .5# to VFI Polyurea to .5# foam. Each time I have made the switch without any problems and each time it was done without pushing the old product out with the new. My method has been to
1. Thouroughly clean the drum pumps and empty the cups.
2. Place the pumps in about 5 gallons of diesel fuel (can also use hydraulic fluid or maybe even the glycol either /dpm but the diesel fuel is the cheapest option and works fine)
3. Pull the drigger or open the side block valves until you have diesel coming out. If you want to actually clean the lines, waste the entire 5 galons of diesel fuel (that's per side).
4. Clean the drum pumps again and then place in the new product.
5. Pull the trigger until you get new product. You'll have to waste a few gallons of product (old and new) until you get the hang of things and eventually you might get it down to a science so that the waste is minimal. I think the magic number for my rig is about 2.5 gallons per side to get from drum pump to gun tip but every rig may be different. I waste a few gallons of new product just to make sure there is no fuel in there. I'll do several test sprays and keep a close eye on them before I begin to cut loose.
Glenn Gamblin
Posted: Jan 14, 2007 10:32 PM
I have read several people write about pulling the trigger to flush out the different types of foam. There is no reason to ever do that. All foam uses the same isocyanate. There are many different types of resin manufacturers but the iso. comes from the same place. You can push out any type of resin with another form of resin, with absolute safety. Disregard that for the polyurea, that is another story and involves flushing first. If you want to waste 2.5 gallons of iso. be my guest. Just be careful to keep closed cell resin out of the open cell barrel, at least 2 gallons before recirculating.

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