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Posted: Apr 07, 2010 01:50 PM
Glascraft mini III is this a decent machine how are parts availability
Looking at a used working rig it is in their rotation of equipment and they use it weekly, I know it is older and discontiued, but is this a decent machine to get my feet wet? how bad is it to get parts when I need them? any one still using one on here? or should I run the other direction and build up a rig with new stuff. I always work on my own equipment, bobcats etc, and I am a small time contractor and have basically sprayed 1 house after the guy I hired decided it was more than he thought..Im sure it was his first job. I am not planning on setting any sales records I just want something else to offer. I already know it is a hard dirty job. I am already a believer in the product.
Posted: Apr 07, 2010 02:55 PM
Having been in charge of Gusmer's Sales and Technical Department for a few years in the late 90s (which included the decisions on what equipment to support in the way of parts), I can tell you that the equipment manufacturers do not like to provide parts for out of date and discontinued equipment It is even worse for discontinued equipment manufactured by companies that have been bought out by other companies such as Glascraft by Gusmer and Graco.

So, long term it will be more and more difficult to get parts, plus more difficult to get technical support from your equipment supplier and material supplier on outdated equipment.

I always recommend to new foamers to get new equipment from folks that can provide the best support in technical service and parts. You will also need very good education and training from a reputable source

As for the machine, I used to sell Glascraft equipment in the 80s along with Graco and Gusmer while working as a national tech rep and regional sales mgr for a national material supplier. The early Minis had problems with the pump seals leaking and the heated hose assemblies fittings getting moisture contamination on the A side. The heaters also had a limited delta T.

These problems were resolved later but depending on the year of this machine, those issues could still be a factor.
Posted: Apr 08, 2010 09:02 AM
The pumps on that machine are the same as on the guardian, which is still in production. Those parts are all available. Most of the electronics should be available The buttons have been updated on the newer machines, so if you had to replace a part, you would need the whole assembly. The older glascraft hoses were a little problematic, but can be replaced. That machine has been discontinued for at least 5 years, so it has to be well used and maybe a little tired. I would stay away from it simply because of it's age. Getting into the spray foam business has a pretty steep learning curve and a well used machine is only going to make it steeper. You also need some in depth training which is more than than picking up a used rig and having the seller spend an hour with you showing you how to turn the unit on and off.


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