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Posted: Apr 06, 2010 08:57 PM
3 1/2" Foam Roof
Working on a 3 1/2" SPF Roof. Any secrets to keeping the surface smooth at that thickness?

How many lifts do you guys normally do to get this thickness?

Posted: Apr 07, 2010 06:23 AM
Hi Bayouboy, There are different ways to get a smooth profile at greater thickness. Typically we put down 1"1/2 per pass. The 1/2 lap method is used to spray at greater thickness. Have a look at our projects at sprayfoamservices.com to see the 1/2 lap application. Give me a call to discuss your application options to installing this method.

Spray Works Equipment Group
Dave Penta

Posted: Apr 07, 2010 08:30 AM
HI Dave

Thanks, I went to the site and took a look at the 1/2 Overlap. To get the 1 1/2" per pass, are you doing it by 2 each 3/4" lift, but using the 1/2 overlap? Or, are you putting down 1 1/2" at a time.

I have always been afraid of two thick of passes because it always takes to long for the lift to harden up enough to walk on.

I am going to give you a call this morning to discuss!



Posted: Apr 07, 2010 09:50 AM
Hi Steve, we are putting down 1"1/2 at a time. You will find that the foam will harden just as fast as other ways. You will also get a stronger bond in the pass lines. Looking foarward to your call.

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