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Posted: Mar 19, 2009 08:40 PM
Dealing with Condensation and doing what the customer wants
Customer has a 20,000 sq. ft roof that has developed leaks over time. The roof is a corrugated metal roof with fiberboard and then 4 inches insulation board that is well beyond life expectancy and has no R Value left. On top of all of this is a single ply that is failing.

I took several core sample all the way to the deck and found condensation or water saturation and found the fiberboard to be wet.

I suggested a full tear off and start back from scratch, but the customer insist that he only wants to foam and coat the top.

Manafacturers rep was with me today and he pretty much told me that they would not warranty the roof unless all of the saturated areas are removed and replaced and then covered with OSB and then a vapor barrier and foam and coated.

Customer called me tonight to let me know that the job is mine if I want it. He said that they will pressure wash and then he wants us to go in and spray 1 to 1 1/2 inches of foam and coat and understands that we can't warranty the roof.

The roof is structually sound, but the condensation in the roof is some concern. I have worked for other companies who would have simply installed one way vents and sprayed and then collected their checks.

What would you professions Spray Foam Roofers do?

Do as best of a job as possible under the circumstances?

Demand a full roof tear off and move on if the customer doesn't want to?
Dennis Davidson
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 09:11 AM
you say that the top layer is a single-ply? If it is then NO WAY spray foam over it. You had the right answer by doing a complete tear-off. If the customer insist on having ANYTHING applied over a wet substrate...personally I would walk away. One way vents won't do it either. Vents only dry out a 10X10 area, if your lucky. If you really want to go through with it, you have two options. Apply a primer & urethane coating to the seams and call it a day or (I have done this) have the customer buy ALL materials and hire you strictly on a labor contract and have them instruct you on how they want you to install it. Get in writing! Remember, your reputation is worth much more than the value of any project.

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