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angus mcdougald
Posted: Mar 29, 2011 06:41 PM
Hey guys,

I am in NJ and we have a homeperformance with energy star rebate/0% interest 10k loan....

It has really helped our business. We are also an affiliate of BPI, and offer customized classes for contractors.

I am wondering about other states incentives/programs, and how often you work with auditors/raters. We were setting up for homestar to open up all states, but now are replaning.

Do you have inhouse auditors?

Do you network with energy auditors, Hvac guys etc?

do you regularly use modeling software (we use treat for NY and some garbage program real home analyzer for NJ)

When our projects include Hvac, we can size systems smaller because of foam.... something more builders need to understand. Part of the extra cost of foam is saved in a smaller unit.
Posted: Apr 09, 2011 04:42 AM
??how often work with auditor/raters?? independant service provides service on most all homes we apply to,,,new construction,,

??in house raters??kinda like correctin your own test,,,happens all over the place,,,and in some cases its wrong/fruadulent in how it is being marketed/practiced...
and in some cases,,garbage in = garbage out

??network with auditors and hvac peeps??? you betcha,,,manual j rocks,,,

i play with modeling software (wufi & HAM) for recreational purposes but find it is limiting in its inability to factor wind wash,,,and every wall system is a "perfect" wall system,,,and it just aint that way in the world...ie: add a vb membrane in the software model and walla,,,no condensation,,,but is there a perfect vb poly in the world???
yes indeedy sizing matters,,,specially on the AC,,god luv manual j and the guy who knows how to use it..
airpro,,where are ya man,,

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