Stoner Molding Solutions - E238 Anti-Stick Coating

Stoner Molding Solutions - E238 Anti-Stick Coating

Make Clean-Up Quick & Easy

E238 Anti-Stick Coating protects equipment and surfacesfrom polyurethane foam overspray.

Easy Clean-Up for Equipment and Work Areas

Apply E238 Anti-Stick Coating onto work surfaces to prevent spray foam from sticking to treated equipment and masked off areas. Saves time and allows for easy removal of overspray from surfaces with difficult build-up. Keep your equipment looking new and ready for its next use with E238.With this new anti-stick formulation, professionals can easily clean spray foam from pre-treated surfaces and equipment without the use of a hazardous solvent. Look no further than E238 to get the job done.

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Name: Chris Reeck

Phone No: 1-888-303-5198

Added On: Mar 20, 2024

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