Mobile Spray Rigs

Mobile Spray Rigs

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Mobile Spray Rigs

Mobile spray rigs integrate all of the necessary tools and equipment needed for SPF application into a mobile installation package: all of the necessary equipment, including air and power utilities, is always ready and located in one place. These mobile all-in-one packages of spray machine, tools, compressor and generator are the standard for spray foam contractors.

With on-board generators, mobile spray rigs allow contractors to arrive on the job site and get to work quickly. There is no lost time running around looking for power and wasting time hooking it up everyday. Mobile spray rigs allow contractors to keep valuable tools, equipment, supplies, and SPF material in one secure place, protected from adverse weather and the harsh environment of a job site. Since downtime is an unavoidable aspect of SPF applications, many mobile spray rigs are set up with workbenches and tools that allow contractors to service equipment as needed.  

An often overlooked aspect of mobile spray rigs are the huge exterior walls, which contractors can utilize to display company logos and color graphics. A professional, eye-catching trailer can help in building a brand, growing a business, and ultimately leading to more jobs.

Towable Trailers

A vast majority of mobile rigs are towable, aka pull-along or tag-along, trailers ranging anywhere from 12 to 24 feet in length. Pull-along trailers fall into two categories: bumper-pull or gooseneck. Bumper-pull trailers are the most common type of rig and can be towed with a half-ton pickup truck. Gooseneck trailers are generally for heavy-duty spray foam and spray coating operations. They’re larger, in order to accommodate robust application equipment, and so they must be towed with a 3/4-ton pickup, or larger.

Some contractors opt for buying a trailer and outfitting the interior themselves, while others buy a trailer for a rig builder to outfit on their behalf. However, the most common option is to simply buy a turnkey trailer package from a rig builder. Professional rig builders are able to advise contractors on the right equipment for their line of work and save contractors time and labor costs.

Box Trucks

It’s not uncommon to see an SPF equipment system integrated into a box truck. In fact, some mobile spray rig builders are buying box trucks directly and customizing them to apply spray foam and protective coatings. A benefit of a box truck spray rig is production potential. With a larger footprint than a towable trailer system, box trucks can haul more material drums. Also, box trucks have enough room to easily incorporate two proportioning machines, thereby doubling foam production, or allowing for applications of plural-component coatings like polyurea.

Compact Units

Ultra-compact integrated rigs have entered the market in the past few years, featuring all of the functionality of a towable trailer rig in a fraction of the size. The technology enabling a compact configuration comes from combining the major components of a spray rig: the proportioner, generator, and air compressor. The combination, called an integrated proportioner, significantly reduces the footprint of necessary equipment, thereby allowing the compact spray rigs to be much smaller.