Tech Talk: Silicone Best Practices

Silicone roof coatings are one of the most effective and versatile materials used in the roof restoration industry. These high-solids coatings are well known for their superior UV stability, flexibility, and resistance to ponding water. That said, silicone coatings can also be very challenging to work with.

In this edition of Tech Talk, we feature a video produced by Graco Inc. that details a variety of best practices when working with silicone roof coatings and hydraulic spray equipment. The 13-minute video highlights a number of different topics such as how to properly handle silicone materials, sprayer setup and maintenance, multi-day spraying, equipment clean-up and storage, and more.

Whether you’re new to the roof coatings industry or have experience spraying other types of coating materials, we feel the information covered in this video is very beneficial.

Added On: Nov 14, 2018
Tags: silicone, Coatings
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