Spray Foam Commercial Application

A local commercial roofer needed help with a specific insulation detail on a flat roof. The building inspector required an R30 insulation at the eave and extending back to parapet supports, plus it had to be airtight. To construct this detail using stacked layers of foam board would be very difficult and nearly impossible to make truly air tight. The best option to complete this specific task is to use closed cell spray foam. It had to be installed ASAP so not to hold up roof mechanicals and Foam USA answered the call: 5? of closed cell GACO ONE PASS spray foam was installed for R35, no seams, air-tight. The install was completed in 3 hours and fully walkable. One advantage that resulted from closed cell spray foam was its ability to further provide structural rigidity to the angle braces.

Added On: Sep 18, 2018
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