Powerhouse Diesel Generators

Powerhouse Diesel Generators

Powerhouse Diesel Generators (PDG) is one of the largest providers of custom mobile power solutions in north America. PDG is an exclusive "Made in the U.S.A." company that supplies engineering, consulting, and manufacturing for all on site and mobile power generation needs. 

At PDG we take pride in customer service and in building rugged reliable generators. We value the input of you, the customer, and want to know how you plan on using your generator so we can help you choose the right one the first time.

(PDG) has supplied rugged, reliable on-site power for the spray foam industry for over a decade. PDG is a force in the industry that brings Innovation, reliability, and unmatched expertise to the power generation industry. PDG provides state-of-the-art Solutions with cutting-edge technology.

From simple open frame generators to multi-phase/multi-voltage packages with remote monitoring and telematics, PDG delivers solutions that drive success in any market that requires clean reliable on-site power.

Contact Details

Name: Scott Tyler

Phone No: 229-671-9171