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Posted: Apr 05, 2016 09:13 PM
Weight of Foam Roofing
I am hoping someone would be kind enough to help me out. I am a Structural Engineer evaluating the roof framing of an existing cold storage building. There is 3" of spray applied foam on the roof, and I would like to know how much it weighs per square foot? Can anyone put me in the ballpark? Do weights differ dramatically from one supplier to another? Thanks for any help you might be able to give.

Jay Johnson

National Sales Manager

CJ Spray Inc.

Posted: Apr 07, 2016 04:06 PM

Typically roofing foam is 2.7 to 3 pound foam. This weight is measurement of 1 square cubic foot piece of the foam. So a 3 inch layer of foam 12 inches by 12 inches should be approximately 1 pound.

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