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Posted: Feb 11, 2018 05:41 PM
Spraying metal pole barn
Spray Foam Pole Barn
Hello we live in south west PA and have a pole barn we want to have spray foam installed in.

I have received a few bids and every contractor tells us something different.

The building is 36x30 with 10’ walls and a roof with a 20’ center height to the floor. The barn has metal sides and roof with wood pole construction. There is reflectix insulation sandwiched between the roof and trusses. The walls are not wrapped with any tyvek, the metal is mounted right to the wood. It has a cement floor.

My goal is to insulate it to keep it at 55-65 in the winter and not get cooked in their in the summer.

Every contractor tells me something different from using open cell foam is ok to I must use closed cell foam.

What I am concerned most about is they all say I must block off and seal over the soffit vents and ridge vents to create a sealed envelope. I have no idea if their is a vapor barrier under the cement slab.

If vapor comes through the slab and I have a sealed spray foam envelope my thoughts are I would be creating a haven for mold.

Any help advising me on what might be the best way to insulate this building would be much appreciated

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