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Jocelyn Lian
Posted: Oct 06, 2014 10:49 PM
spray foam in the basement ceiling?

I am wondering if we can use spray foam for the basement ceiling? We love the benefit of the spray foam, but also believes it might be an issue for moisture trapping.

mark moyer
Posted: Oct 08, 2014 07:18 AM
trapping moisture,,if something is leaking,,it is leaking,,,and would need to be fixed,,whether there be foam,,fiberglass or cellulose,,or nuthin at all.

most assemblys are designed to allow either drying thru the assembly,,or to retard moisture vapor transport,,,

correctly applied spf typically does not trap moisture,,conversly,,it is the most efficient cost effective method to keep the transport of moisture out of an assembly,,,>90% of moisture is moved by air movement,,,spf is an air impermiable insulation,,closed cell and open cell,,,filterglass and cellulose never...

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