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William Gibson
Posted: Jul 25, 2011 12:18 PM
Roof Cricket
All: working on a bid for a roof. Have a low-sloping roof that slopes down to a 2nd level building. The building was an after-thought and obviously roof drainage wasn't thought about. The building spans 24' of the roof.

Looking to build a cricket to keep the water to the right and/or left of the building.

Do you find it easier to make a site-built cricket, buy a pre-built cricket, or build up the SPF to form a cricket?
Posted: Jul 26, 2011 09:13 AM
I posted this earlier on my forum

It is easier to spray in crickets, not to mention that it would be an integral part of the roof and not another mechanically fastened assembly that could be a source of problems later on.

The technique takes some practice. You want to start by spraying the center of the cricket first in the shape you want, then spray another layer of foam just slightly larger on the next pass and continue until you have the cricket the size required. Spray the foam in 0.5 inch lifts and make sure to let it cool before installing the next pass to prevent too much exothermic heat from developing.

Try practicing on the ground first until you feel comfortable with the shape and size.
Big cat ernie ladd
Posted: Feb 28, 2013 03:30 PM
I agree with that, he is exactly right.
mark moyer
Posted: Mar 06, 2013 07:24 AM
i once sprayed a mouse with polyurea...
he was runnin too!! movin target!!
he's still in the corner of that machine shed..
crickets,,,baa,,,we're talkin creatures with fur here mason!!!
Chicago Spray Foam
Posted: Mar 07, 2013 01:49 AM
bwaaahaaahaaa that's some funny stuff there....Does anyone else know the whereabouts of this mouse?

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