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andrew chase
Posted: Mar 03, 2015 07:06 AM
Picking a contractor
Dear Pros,
Thank you in advance for any input.
I'm a homeowner trying to choose a contactor to spray cc foam in my walls. I've got them totally open, they're 2x4s covered with tongue and groove wood sheathing. This is all 1947 construction, not new wood.
I've been told by a friend some criteria to choose a company by (he almost went into the foam business but didn't): on board diesel generator, good proportioner ( h-25 h-40 or h-50 or e-30, electric screw compressor and use the proper fresh air system (like allegro). This all denotes a good contracting company with hopefully well-trained crew.
Do you guys agree with this as useful? Anything else I should look for?
Thank you,
Posted: May 21, 2015 11:25 AM

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