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Posted: Feb 14, 2009 07:39 PM
iso boards
this spring got a roof where the specs are for R-40 on the roof.
Are there any iso boards thicker than 3.8" out there?
I can only find a hunter H-Sheild 4'x8' with R23.7
4.5" would be perfect.
architect will not budge, so R-40 it will be.
(imagine a foam guy tring to change the spec down!)
Posted: Feb 16, 2009 10:29 PM
found a solution today. Called Hunter and they make a 4.5" iso board special order. that is the max size i can find. 28.7 R-value. with under 2 inches of 2.5 or 2.7 will give us the R-40.
black faced board is what we will get, but they also offer double faced foil backed iso boards. we wont be using those, but just curious, has anybody sprayed on those boards without primer?
or anything like that?

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