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Posted: Feb 26, 2011 12:16 PM
Going to the roof
I was reading a post on price wars for spraying interior foam. I was a Spray Foam Roofer for 40 years. The money is much better. The problem with interior spraying of foam is much like a professional painter, everyone thinks they are a painter but this is far from the truth.

In spray foam interiors the work is rarely seen as it is covered by drywall or hidden in the attic. Many contractors that spray off ratio will simply spray right over it, or keep spraying off ratio.

This is not the case (or should not be) on a Spray Foam roof. You spray as close to perfect as the true meaning of the word will allow or your inability to spray good foam will put you out of business fast.

If you learned how to spray good foam and manage to keep your repair parts down to less then $100.00 a month you could be missing opportunity of spraying at $4.00 for 1 1/2" vs less then a $1.00 to fill a whole cavity.

Yes, you will have to learn proper roofing practices but you can hire a knowledgeable roofer to pull you hose and he can teach you the fine art of roofing details as you train him to become your spray man.

I avoided bid wars, never bid a job I did not write the specifications for.

The difference in the money is you have to warranty a leak free job. If you are as good as you say and feel you should have been hired on an interior job due to it, this should not be a worry.

Bottom line. Find a niche, don't follow a crowd that feel like they have left over foam from another job so it didn't cost them anything.

Don't get lost in tunnel vision, look out of the box. Most of you have equipment capable of spraying Polyurea, look at the basement market of spraying new construction before back filling.

Work smart, if you are following Sheep you will quickly learn they are but in line at a slaughter house.

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