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tryg waterhouse
Posted: Jul 21, 2014 03:46 PM
air powered proportioners
Anyone currently using or used in the past, air powered proportioners for foam? At such a lower price point, I would expect to see more being used at least in residential applications. What are the drawbacks that make electrics so much more popular?
John Shockney
Posted: Jul 23, 2014 10:56 AM
I have been using a GlasCraft Guardian for years now. And at one time it was one of the most popular machines out there.

I think it will outperform most of the electric machines but you do need lots of air. With our new 5hp rotary compressor we can spray a set of foam in less than 4 hours depending on where the foam is going. Now I know that isn’t much foam for the roofing guys but in a house or pole barn that is moving pretty fast.

Posted: Jul 24, 2014 01:16 PM
I have TONS of FF-1600 users still in the field, yes air power requirements and humidity = drawback.
tryg waterhouse
Posted: Jul 24, 2014 02:28 PM
S_G, when a guys FF-1600 totally bites it and he needs a new machine, what is he most likely to buy next?
Posted: Jul 29, 2014 02:49 PM
I am lucky enough to have connections for parts. There is a Gusmer graveyard not to far from me, and I am friends with the owner - woot! Graco carries packings, orings and some parts - thank you, please keep me in parts.

To answer your question though, if they are high volume they stick with a reconditioned 20/35. I have sold a couple A20's and a few A25's though not many.
Gerard G
Posted: Dec 02, 2015 07:34 PM
I know this is old but figured I would share what I am currently using and what I have used. I have sprayed with a few proportioners. (H20/35, H2000, Foam cat 200 & 400, Binks, Glasscraft, Reactor E-20 & XP2) I am currently using a Foam Cat 200 with 160' hose, graco hose heat controller, fusion ar with ar4242 chamber, Graco 2:1 transfer/stick pumps, 35cfm air compressor @ 175 with Hankison HIT35 air dryer coupled with a grid of 3/4" metal pipe traveling up hill with six drops/steam traps, 5 micron filter before hankison and a .01 micron after and 15KW generator. Generator and compressor are both gas. I am sure most are thinking why and the hell would I use a foam cat 200 when I know the superior proportioners capabilities. The answer is simple, funds. A lot of the big units were for big companies I worked for when I started spraying. When I was finally able to build/fund my first unit, it was an E-20, 200' hose, fusion ar, graco feed pumps, gas air and power in a 20' enclosed trailer with appropriate height and barn doors. I got out of foaming after 12 years because I was just burned out. I kept my trailer and generator and sold the rest. What a mistake because I had made a name for myself spraying some good foam around town and the phone never stopped ringing with work. Well finally after 6 years I was ready for some more foam punishment again and decided to start pricing my options on building another rig. Boy was I surprised with the Graco rape fest going on with there absurd increase in price but what are you going to do? They are the best in the business and with all the problems we encounter with equipment going cheap just scares me. I am still scared of my current rig even though the old girl is putting out some nice foam at a nice pace. I miss my digital heaters and my pressure cut off for off ratio. I have worked out a pressure cut off system soon to be installed. As for heat I must say it is tricky getting it just right but once it is there your good. I have two spare foam cats for parts and there are so many foam cat 200 floating around from all the bed liner companies I am sure parts will be available when needed. ANYWAY BLA BLA BLA. Air powered proportioners require a lot of DRY air as said earlier. There is the down side in my humble opinion. I like air proportioners because you can adjust the packings and they are simple to fix. Now would I rather have three rigs running around town with H 20/35's with diesel generators with electric air, absolutely. I also would rather have a new house, car, truck, boat, condo on the beach, camp on the lake, etc but the reality is I better keep that triggered pulled if I ever want to see any of those things.

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