FastCoat Fire Rated Spray Foam Insulation – Krakenbond

FastCoat Fire Rated Spray Foam Insulation – Krakenbond

Krakenbond FastCoat Fire Rated Spray Foam Insulation

Application Temperatures

  • Storage Temperature: min. 41°F max. 86°F.
  • Temperature Resistance: -103°F to 239°F.
  • Application Temperature: 41°F to 86°F.
  • The cans should be kept at room temperature for at least 12 hours before the application if cans are stored below/above storage temperature.


  • Outstanding adhesion for most building materials.
  • Easy to apply uneven, hard-to-reach surfaces where it is very hard to use traditional insulation materials.
  • Excellent R-Value: 5.66 per inch and thermal insulation value 0.025 W/(m.K).
  • Does not allow the formation of thermal bridges.
  • Does not allow the formation of dew points.
  • Yield up to 20 board feet with 1-inch thickness if applied from a distance of ~16 inches with normal application speed.
  • Thanks to its dense structure, it stops water, air, bugs, etc.
  • Can be painted.

Application Areas

  • Structural elements of buildings, attics, crawl space, interior wall insulation, balcony, loggia, doors, window slopes, pipes, canals, and tank kind round surfaces, uneven and rough all surfaces.
  • Roofs, attics, facades, foundations, basements, floors, interior walls, inter-floor overlappings, interior partitions, ceilings, and cellars.
  • Car body and car trailers, boats, yachts, vessels, and all kinds of sea vehicles.
  • A maximum of 1-inch thickness should be applied in one layer.

If more than 1-inch thickness application is needed, a minimum of 30 minutes wait time is required between layers, and the surface should be sprayed with water before applying the next layer.

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