Lead Details

Submitted On Oct 31, 2023
Job Type Roofing
Construction Type Residential
Square Feet 900
State California
City Culver City
Comments I am reaching out regarding an issue we are having with a polyurea roof coating/waterproofing, the polyurea is cracking in a few places over metal flashing and allowing water to infiltrate. It was patched back in March of 2022 (flashing seams re-welded, bond-breaker tape applied over the joint, and new polyurea sprayed over the affected areas), but recently it started to crack again. We are looking for a contractor experienced with polyurea roofing to evaluate the areas and re-patch them with the best product possible. I can send pictures and specs for original roofing if you provide and email contact. Appreciate any help on this. Thank you!
Credit 50
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