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Jurgen Hartwig
Posted: Aug 01, 2007 12:11 PM
suppliers and equipment near Memphis, TN
I will be ready for spraying foam insulation in the next 3-5 weeks. I want to buy the equipment (reactor/proportioner, hose, gun) and get training. I have located a guru who can give me the needed training, so I really just need the equipment.

Polar Products hasn't responded to phone calls and emails. I'm interested in their equipment rental package. Can anyone recommend a supplier for foam and equipment near Memphis? If I can't rent, I might as well buy. I have one project with immediate need and have at least 2-3 other smaller projects for the future.

I spied a nice heated Raider unit on the classifieds here for $10k. That looks like a very good buy. If anyone has a good used unit for sale, I'm all ears, particularly if you can demonstrate use/train me. I would prefer sellers within 1 days drive of Memphis.

Thanks to the owners of this site and the moderators. I have learned a lot reading the old threads and forums. regards, Jurgen
Greg Pruitt
Posted: Aug 16, 2007 07:56 AM
I would not reccomend a small unit. If you just have a cuple of jobs, pay someone that knows what they are doing to do it. This is a long term and financial decesion, and it willnot be done with $10,000.00. Tlk to someone actually in the business, before you lose the 10.
Posted: Aug 16, 2007 08:33 AM
I know they are not within your semi unreasonable desire for the supplier to be quite close to you but Mike Flander and Endysis is a pleasure to do business with. Furthermore if you are truly serious about the foam industry buy the best first time around and you will not have regrets later.

As Mike says, "My 02 cents worth"

clint moore
Posted: Aug 16, 2007 11:43 AM
Intech has a rep. in Springfield,Mo. that can help.
Michael Flander
Posted: Aug 16, 2007 12:18 PM
Thank you very much for the recommendation Kenneth! Your not just trying to get free equipment are you? :)

Posted: Aug 16, 2007 12:38 PM
No Mike I was not thinking of that........but now that you mention it!!!!!

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