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Alex Bochkarev
Posted: Mar 30, 2019 05:15 PM
First time roofing tips??
I’ve been spraying for over 6 years but have yet to do a roof.

The project is a 7200 sqft flat roof 3/4” tongue and grove plywood with a 1 percent grade truss design to slope to the drains.

The customer wants 4” of 3lbs roofing foam so he doesn’t have to worry about insulating the ceiling from the inside.

There is a parking lot across the street (about 300’ away) and a building next door (only 1-3 vehicles parked at a time) otherwise the rest is surrounded by an open field.

My supplier said to use a primer between the subfloor and first layer of foam I’m wondering if that’s even necessary as it will be a clean wooden substrate. Also I am sealing it with Poly-sil 2200 (silicone) 20-25mm.

My questions are:

What lengths should I go to for overspray prevention? (Already plan on building a 10’x7’ frame with burlap material in between)

Should I spray the entire roof at once or in sections?

How thick should my passes be?

What size tip should I be using? (Ap fusion)

Any tips or suggestions would be really helpful thanks in advance guys!

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